Bahriye Ucok Car Park – Turkey

Project Name Construction of Prefabricated Car Park Under Bahriye Ucok Boulivard in Karsıyaka City Center / Izmir
Country of Work Turkey
Client Greater City Municipality of Izmir
Type of Contract Main Contractor
Date of Contract 04.07.2003
Work Completion Date 31.12.2003
Work Details
  • Turnkey construction of the First Under-road Prefabricated Car Park of Turkey
  • Total Construction area is 7200 square meters
  • Manufacturing and Installation of 1800 cubic meter of prestressed concrete structural members
  • 40000 cubic meter of excavation and 10000 cubic meter of erathfill
  • Waterproofing of 12000 square meter concrete surfaces including the side walls of the building
  • Lowering of ground water level during construction by Wellpoint system