Botaş Jetty- Turkey

Project Name Rehabilitation, Strengthening Works & Cathodic Protection of Ceyhan ve Dörtyol Jetties near Adana /Turkey
Country of Work Turkey
Client BOTAS – Turkish Petroleum Pipeline Corporation
Type of Contract Subcontractor for 100% of the work
Date of Contract 25.02.2004
Work Completion Date 18.10.2005
Work Details
  • Detailed design & Method Statement preperations approved by Istanbul Technical University
  • The first Cathodic Protection Application over the steel reinforcement inside the concrete structures which was executed in BOTAS Dortyol Jetty, Length of Dortyol Jetty : 350 + 1350 + 600 m
  • Petrolatum Tape (Denso Sieshield 100) application over the splash zone (3 m) of steel piles preotected by polyethylen jacketing – 405 ea
  • Cathodic Protection of all steel piles surfaces by Impressed Current System – 405 ea
  • Repair, strengthening, CP anode (ribbon mesh) installation and galssfiber jacketing of concrete piles along with the jetty – 156 ea
  • Cathodic Protection of Reinforcement Steel at RC Piles and Pile Caps by Impressed Current System - 4500 m2
  • Manufacturing and replacement of reinforced concrete walkway beams (L=85 x 15,30 m) instead of making repair works over the damaged ones by the use of a 800 tons capacity sea barge – 85 ea
  • Surface treatment by sand balsting and airless spray painting application for the whole steel parts of the jetty – 22000 square meters
  • Complete removal of unsound and delaminated concrete surfaces and application of dry & wet shotcreting including the dolphens of Ceyhan Jetty (Iraq-Turkey Petroleum Line) – 9000 square meters